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Candle from Nikča

Candle from Nikča

Have you ever bought a beautifully scented candle, lit it up, and the result was, to put it mildly, disappointing? Well, that won't happen to you with candles from Nikča at NABETONdesign. After lighting them up, they smell just as gorgeous as when you first sniff them. Plus, they last almost indefinitely. 50 hours? No problem, even 60. They're all made from 100% soy wax with a wooden wick that won't break on you easily. But perhaps even more importantly, Nikča is one of the nicest people we've met, and her candles have the wonderful quality of being able to transfer some of her infectious good mood onto you. It's simply a beautiful fragrant project, in which the whole family gets involved when Nikča is busy; her mom and grandma help her with production. But beware, once you try them, you won't want any other candles.

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This is what I call a fresh scent. One of our favorites. It smells like when you slice into a fresh grapefruit. Incredible freshness that hits you without being overpowering. All beautifully complemented by the sweetness of jasmine and vanilla. What do you sniff out in that? pink grapefruit · jasmine · lily · vanillaAre you baking a fruit pie? Well, that's exactly the question you might get when you light up this candle. A bit of Indian summer and a warm pie on the windowsill. According to Nikča, it's simply 'like summer holidays at grandma's,' so put your feet up and enjoy. What do you sniff out in that? rhubarb · pear · peach · plum · blackberryThis candle has only one single downside. When you light it up anytime other than around Christmas and you have visitors, their first thought will be if you're okay, considering you're baking cookies at this time of year. A perfect recipe for an instant cozy feeling. What do you sniff out in that? gingerbread · cinnamon · anise · clove · vanilla · caramelSandalwood softened by vanilla and amber just works. It's a pleasantly woody classic without overly expressive scents. If you're a bit of a traditionalist and don't fancy wilder fragrances, then this is the ideal choice for you. What do you sniff out in that? sandalwood · musk · ambergris · Madagascar vanilla · geranium · pink pepperHere, we simply have to quote Nikča, because this combo really 'immediately transports you to an exotic island with a Piña Colada in hand.' Work over your head and a vacation in a tropical paradise far away? Go for it. What do you sniff out in that? pineapple · orange · coconut · almond · peach · caramel · vanillaThis one is like a pleasant sauna session. The unconventional combination of honey and tobacco is one of Nikča's biggest bestsellers. Sweeter, but not aggressive, it's another ideal choice for more conservative 'sniffers,' in our opinion. What do you sniff out in that? tobacco · honey · citrus · sandalwood · ambergris · patchouliYou know that feeling those fabric softener ads try to evoke? Light up this candle, and you're there. It smells like when you lie down in freshly made bed sheets and snuggle up in a blanket. Just like cotton. What do you sniff out in that? white musk · ambergris · sandalwood · vanilla · jasmineThis candle smells a bit like discovering a garden untouched by human beings for a long time. Absolutely intoxicating scent of roses and lilies will simply captivate you. Ideal usage? Just relax and daydream. What do you sniff out in that? bergamot · apple · lily · rose · vanilla · sandalwood · musk
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