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Communitea stuff

Communitea stuff

Yeah, that's us, we also sell something here. So far you buy here universal voucher which you can exchange for anything from products on this e-shop, ticket for an event or monthly entrace to co-work. Yeah and bigger voucher you choose, better extra reward you get. Enjoy!

Whatever you want!

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For this voucher you can get for example 1 ticket for event, day in a co-work or some nice tea from e-shop. Also you get a small gift.Yeah, we also think, that 500 CZK is nice, but 1000 is definitely better, two events, couple co-work entrances or something nice from an e-shop and extra gift of course.Great choice, enough for pretty piece of pottery, bunch of co-work entrances, several events and our gift for you will be better too of course.For this, you can choose almost anything, painting, box of wine, tickets to many events or week in a co-work, you just have to choose. We'll also invite you to our Welcome party and you'll get an extra gift from us.With this you can afford even full membership with your own reserved table for month and you will still have enough to get ticket for an event. But it is up to you, what you will chose. Invitation to Welcome party is sure thing as well as suprise gift from us.
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