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Image from Dandelion

Image from Dandelion

If you ever see a petite girl with a backpack bigger than herself in Brno, it's probably Míša, aka Pampeliška (it means in Czech). But that definitely doesn't mean she's heading to the mountains; she might just be going to buy paint for her paintings. Míša is another friend from the tea world. Her paintings may be a bit different in style from our website, but it would be a shame not to have them here. You can find her artwork on Instagram under the name Pampe Art.

And if you think this text sounds a bit too decent, it's because we don't want to get on Pampeliška's bad side.

Hang it!

Gentle Feeling

Gentle Walk

Big fish

A sliver of hope

No t be shy

In Between Worlds

Remembering Monet

Spring awakening

Two sides

Slytherin Lady

Cup of Heaven

Dandelion Forest

The first of a set of two paintings that remind us a little of the fog at sunrise. If you happen to want both, write to us and we'll figure it out for you. Canvas Acrylic 30x60 cmThe second one. A bit like a walk at sunrise and the fog as thick as milk. If you also take Gentle Feeling, we will give you some discount. Let us know. Canvas Acrylic 30x60 cmHere we have to admit that we named this painting Deep Purple for ourselves, the purple is simply hypnotic. Canvas Acrylic 40x40 cm As mysterious as a castle in the Carpathians. I don't know about you, but we can't stop looking at that tree, there's something indescribably fascinating about it. Canvas Acrylic 40x40 cmLike when two galaxies meet or a roses drawn by the wind. Two little universes red from head to toe. There was a joke about name in Czech, but honestly, we have no idea how to translate it. Yes, and the t is like that on purpose, because it's simply the author's intention, although in Czech and in different word, but that happen when you localize this kind of texts. Canvas Acrylic 25x19 cmDo you also sometimes feel like you live torn between two worlds and can't decide what you want, who you are and what you should do? Been there. Gesso Acrylic 15x10 cmWhen we look at this painting, we just think of Monet's water lilies, and Pampeliška didn't have a name for him, deal with it. Gesso Acrylic 10x15 cmDo we even need to explain this? For example, we see marigolds, cornflowers and maybe dandelions - that white fluff. Can they grow together like this and is it real? We don't know and we don't care, it's just a nice idea. Gesso Acrylic 10x15 cmThere was a poem in Slovak by Pampeliška, but trying to translate it into English ended terribly, so sorry bout that. Also, we feel like it is a quite enchanting that the painting looks like a crowd of fireflies leading you somewhere. Gesso Acrylic 15x10 cmSlytherin! Everyone probably has a part of themselves that they don't quite like, a mean snake, but this one is pretty cute. Gesso Acrylic 7x10cmWell, she's still a teahouse girl. All hail the mighty tea (or mightea?). Heh, mightea tea, try to pronounce it, it sounds quite funny. Gesso Acrylic 10x15 cmOur purely descriptive name. Is there a forest? Check. Are there dandelions? Check. Are they as big as trees? Check. It's just a dandelion forest. That it doesn't make sense to you? Bad luck. Gesso Acrylic 15x15 cm
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