💖 Who is such a fool to work with us?

The whole project is built on the fact that we're not alone in this. We have plenty of buddies who contribute values - they grow wine, collect apples, make fancy candles, or paint. So we thought it would be great to create a place where they can sell all these awesome things. A marketer would say we should write that we don't sell products, but human stories. Well, I don't know about you, but to us, that sounds like we're pimping them. Which, when we think about it...

Well, shit happens. We'll just throw in some cards with buzzwords and pictures instead.

  • ALL
  • Local talents

    We have some awesome buddies, whose work should really get more attention. Someone had to say that.

  • Exclusivity and originality

    Well, nobody can deny that. This really isn't something you see on every corner.

  • Openness and trust

    Nice, but everything should have its boundaries, and this website clearly doesn't respect them.

💡 About the community...

An e-shop is fine and all, but it's not exactly the typical community setup. The original idea was actually to create a place for everything - co-working during the day, events in the evening, and on top of that, a store. Just a little bit of everything for people who are working on themselves and love freedom, but are fed up with working from home or regular co-working spaces. Soon you can witness this idea become reality, but until than if you want to support us and get yourself place in our unique community, we are starting presale in form of vouchers. You can't say no to that!

What the f*ck is happening... right now