That's a kind of fail, heh, our project on Hithitu didn't work out. πŸ€• But they won't get rid of us so easily! πŸ”₯ Thanks to everyone who supported us, it's motivation for us not to give up and work hard. πŸ™ So, we're opening during May and working every day to make everything ready, even though it's a bit of a tight deadline.

Those who contributed should already have their money back, and if not, they should arrive any day now. And if you still want to contribute, you have the opportunity. We've created vouchers for you - you just choose the amount and then choose what you want for it, whether it's just tickets for events, coworking, or a box of wine πŸ˜„ You can be inspired by the rewards on Hithitu, or create your own package. Oh, and as usual, everyone who contributes to us before the official opening will get something extra πŸ˜‰. Link here. And if you have any other ideas, suggestions, anything, write to us!

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