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Wine from Aleš

Wine from Aleš

Aleš is a laid-back guy who just knows his wine. He lets nature take its course, without chemicals and with only minimal added sulfites (or none at all). Don't expect to find red wine from him; in Tasovice, in the Znojmo region, he has only been producing white varieties for several years now, which he might let macerate on the skins for a while before aging them in oak barrels, that's it. We also have plenty of amusing stories about him. Like the time he enthusiastically handed us a whole bag of small chocolates, only to realize they weren't samples for tasting, well, they were, but not for us. Oh, and he can ride a bike like an average Tour de France participant.

Wanna some wine?

Veltliner 2020

Müller 2020

Welschriesling 2020

Demijony 2021

No, Veltlínský zelený, that's simply peppery. Expecting more? Well, we're not ultra-sommeliers, but we'll give it a shot. So, for us, this white wine is nicely spiced and warming with a long, full aftertaste. Good enough? Aleš's favorite. One bottle contains 750 ml and has an alcohol content of 12%.Among the three single varietals, Aleš's Müller-Thurgau is our favorite. Incredibly fresh, with notes of citrus, green apples, and a pronounced acidity. Probably the lightest of all four wines on offer. One bottle contains 750 ml and has an alcohol content of 10.5%.Aleš's Welschriesling is a pleasant and easy-to-drink affair, simply a well-balanced wine with a good mix of acidity and pleasant sweetness, with a nice aftertaste. A good choice for classics. One bottle contains 750 ml and has an alcohol content of 11.5%.The only wine with a blue label in the photo and our absolute favorite. A blend of three varieties - Müller-Thurgau, Welschriesling, and Grüner Veltliner, which Aleš let macerate on the skins for 7 days and then matured together for a year in an oak barrel. So a bit of an orange wine. Zero added sulfur. The result is a complete aromatic explosion of flavor, honey-sweet, pleasantly acidic, need to know more? Grab it before we drink it all. One bottle contains 750 ml and has an alcohol content of 12%.
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